Have you had a troubling experience in your home or at your place of business? Do you believe you may have a haunting or other paranormal happening? We are here to help.

Our team is based in Edinburgh and ready to handle any questions or problems you may have. All of our investigations are 100 percent free of charge and all information gathered therin is completely confidential.

We favour the scientific method of investigating and will conduct our investigations as a series of scientific experiments but we do also have a medium on the team to give us another perspective.

There may be a rational explanation for what you have experienced. 90% of reported hauntings can actually have a very simple explanation when looked at in the right way. If we find a rational explanation then we have still helped. If we cannot find a rational explanation we will then look at the paranormal element to it.

If you need to contact us please don't hesitate we will be happy to help.


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