Catching evidence of the paranormal is like trying to predict where lightning will strike based on other lightning strikes. With the supernatural, lightning rarely strikes twice. The best we can hope for is similar phenomena occurring in the locations whilst we are there. To try to catch this we employ a set of equipment which has been tried and tested in the field and a series of experiments that have had results in the past not just for us but other groups.

The basic equipment for ghost hunting starts off with a good torch and a note book. In fact the best equipment you can use is your own senses so all you need is something to write down your experiences. We have personal experiences all the time and they are fantastic when they occur but unfortunately we can't use this as basis for results as this can be very subjective so we use technical equipment to log our experineces.

The next step up in equipment would be a good digital camera and a digital audio recorder. The reason why we have gone with digital equipment is that it seems to get better results than older kit and it's much less expensive. We can take unlimited pictures and audio during an investigation but don't have to pay for film processing or tapes. The types of evidence we can get from this are capture of light phenomena, orbs or spirit manifestation on camera or EVPs on audio. EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena and is the capture of a voice or a sound which wasn't heard at the time of the recording. Yes this does mean we record the entire investigation, then listen to it again. Even if the investigation was six hours long and we had two or three recorders going at once its still well worth the effort.

The next level of kit we use includes EMF detectors, infra-red temperature gauges, enviromental monitors and night vision cameras. The EMF detector measures fluctuations in the electro magnetic field. This field is all around us most of the time at differant levels. Homes or electrical goods which havn't been properly shielded can infact give off high levels of EMF and this can lead to a whole host of problems for someone who is in constant contact with them. Nausea, headaches and mild irritations can be side effects. It's usually a good idea to have your home checked to see if this might be the cause of your supernatural feelings. However there are some who believe that fluctuations in the EMF can be the result of spirits or the activty is a result of the fluctuations. Either way it's a great tool to have in the field as in the right hands it can be very effective. The temperature gauge and environmental monitor basically do the same job. They keep an eye on the loactions temperature and conditions and this makes any changes in temperature humidity and light readings not only easier to see but prove as we have it recorded on our equipment. One of the main claims we get from clients is the presence of cold spots within a location. If we can track these and possibly link them to an EMF spike then all the better. With the night vision camcorders what we are looking for is the same as with the digital camera but obviously this would be a moving target. If we see an orb we can track its path and shape. If we see a manifestation of a spirit we can follow it to see how it started or where it dispersed.


9 LED Torch - Black

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